Judahda Ra music - Greetings
Judahda Ra music - spreading peace with each note
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Dream Vision StudioWelcome to the music of Judahda ra.  We  are eager to  assist your musical needs for  most occasions.  We  specialize in commercial products i.e.  ads, jingles, back round  music for restaurants, and private parties.  We now create back round music for audio books!  So let  us assist you with your needs. We specialize in making it happen to your satisfaction.      Whether the function  is for an art gallery, or poetry slam or a private party, call Judahdara Music for your entertainment .  
773 414  4711
We sincerely give thankhs for your support over the years by listening for countless hours  at Judahda ra Music.  We encourage you to help support the music with a purchase of your favorite songs to share with a loved one or friend.  What great gesture for your loved one to open a piece of unique art for the ears and soul in their email!  You may purchase at Reverbnation where we are currently #9 in the city of Chicago and 43 in the nation.  Just punch in Judahda!  Hotep and blessings!
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